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Sunball compressor service policy

(A) The company implements the guarantee to keep in good repair for one year on the machine, and the whole of life-long maintenance. After the warranty period, if you need maintain the machine, our company will ensure and make the maintenance of the compressed air equipment in the case of your uninterrupted gas supply.
(B)The company is responsible for the free startup, commissioning and on-site operator training. We offer the free technical training at the factory to demand side. The training time and manner will be determined by the demand side, (we can provide reference solutions).
(C) When the equipment installation is complete, the company will send experienced engineers to the site for technical services, commissioning and trial run for free, and responsible for solving device problems of the installation and operation.
(D) During the using period, if received the help information, we will reach the scene within 2 hours in Suzhou City, 4hours to reach surrounding areas of Suzhou. (Changshu, Zhangjiagang, Taicang, Wujiang, Kunshan) , East region,8 hours to respond.
(E) Regular equipment inspection every three months, to keep abreast of the equipment function and solve problems in the using the process. Defend to suffer from in not yet and best meet the needs of demand side, and make the customer satisfied.

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