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Ingersoll rand China fully assistance ya 'an in sichuan earthquake
Published:2013-5-8 Visitors:1165
Shanghai, on May 3, 2013 - create and maintain safe, comfortable and efficient environment of the global leaders in the Ingersoll rand, announced to the ya "an in sichuan earthquake disaster area donation nearly 450000 yuan, and will do my best ability to provide any necessary assistance to the disaster area.
On April 20, sichuan ya "an reed mountain happened earthquake shocked the people all over the country, also deeply affecting the heart of Ingersoll rand China company. As a rich social responsibility of the enterprise, after the earthquake, the Ingersoll rand high attention to the disaster development, and the first time opened online channels of disaster relief donations, called for the company all staff for earthquake relief render an own. At present, the total of Ingersoll rand China company and the employee to raise donations of nearly 450000 yuan, and has set up a all donated to the Red Cross Shanghai, for the work related to the earthquake relief and post-disaster reconstruction.
Moreover, Ingersoll rand with brands for the relief operation also provided support for the first time. After the earthquake, the company"s global transportation temperature control solutions leader, the king and the chongqing agent active contact with relief supplies. In that the relief goods transporter will all use vehicles equipped with cooling king, king team immediately sent capable technical backbone of the door for all vehicles maintenance and overhaul services for free. In addition to this, king team also special donated free cooling unit product, in order to ensure more relief food safe, fresh arriving in the disaster area. Well now, the king of cold unit has completed more than batch of relief materials distribution tasks, and was on the service for disaster relief.
Mutual care and spend the difficult times. We believe, the love of Ingersoll rand China company action will rescue forces together with other social and enterprise, help people rebuild their homes soon, and start a new life!
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