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Shell, the world's largest associated gas gathering plant put into operation in Iraq
Published:2013-5-3 Visitors:1054
Beijing time evening news, on May 1, according to bloomberg, royal Dutch shell and mitsubishi corp"s $17 billion joint venture to begin operations in Iraq, collect rumaila oil field in southern Iraq, gill and other large - 1 and zubair oilfield with gas.
Shell said in a statement released by the official website, the joint venture company Basrah Gas is the largest in the associated Gas collection company, state-owned company South of Iraq Gas account for 51% of the shares, shell account for 44% of the shares, mitsubishi accounted for 5% of the rest.
Ali, general manager of South Gas Khudair said: "the Basrah associated Gas production of about 1 billion cubic feet a day, about 700 million cubic feet was burned, emptying waste millions of dollars in energy." Basrah Gas project will help to reduce waste empty, to provide fuel industries, power generation and for Iraq.
Basrah Gas will upgrade the current facilities and expansion of assets, so that the capacity from the current 400 million to 2 billion cubic feet per day. The project is in the history of Iraq"s largest associated gas gathering project, also including the construction of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant, in order to once meet domestic demand can be used for export.
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