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Domestic first successfully trial-produced medium-pressure single screw air compressor
Published:2013-4-18 Visitors:962
Recently, [0.98 0.00%] China electronic information industry group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the China electronic) affiliated companies in guizhou cec zhenhua agglomeration compressor field at home and abroad top technical talent, with just three months time to scientific research, finally successfully trial-produced the first domestic initiation medium-pressure single screw air compressor. The air compressor machine has completely independent intellectual property rights, level 1 compressor exhaust pressure of 3 mpa, filled the domestic blank, created a miracle in the compressor industry at home and abroad.
China electronic (HK: 00085) the latest price: $0.98-0 0% market trend company news big line rating, after injection is commonly used in domestic single-screw air compressors, level of compression, the maximum exhaust pressure can reach 1.6 Mpa, the foreign medium pressure single stage compression screw air compressor exhaust pressure also amounted to less than 3 Mpa. The United States, Japan and other developed countries on the single screw air compressor products and the key technology for the embargo on China has been blocked. China electronic successfully trial-produced medium-pressure single screw air compressor will be marked the single screw compressor technology in our country has reached the international leading level, will effectively promote China"s incarnation significant technical progress in the field of naval ships, etc.
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