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Air compressor system energy saving potential of 30%
Published:2013-4-17 Visitors:1308
Energy conservation and emissions reduction: new era theme
This year is the start of the implementation of "the 12th five-year plan", and with the spread of "the 12th five-year plan", low carbon economy development, the development of clean energy, sustainable development, continue to push forward industrial companies, energy saving and emission reduction have been gradually began to play the new theme of The Times. In order to promote industrial enterprises energy conservation work of the communication and learning, on November 2, 2011, organised by the MM magazine of the modern manufacturing the 7th CIIF, MM, new automation BBS was held in Shanghai.
With the BBS theme of energy conservation and emissions reduction, attracted many enterprises involved in industrial automation field. BBS also invited from senior experts in the field of automation and industrial energy conservation has made the important report, senior experts attending guests have automation Sun Bailin Sir, MM, Mr. Modern manufacturing magazine editor Feng Jianping Shanghai donghao international trade in services (group) co., LTD. Tong yuan kai, a Beijing love club chief expert Mr Cai Maolin era technology development co., LTD.
The new four modernizations: air compressor energy saving "fresh"
This BBS in industry trend of energy saving technology, management, a comprehensive communication, Sun Bailin experts put forward the "twelfth five-year" energy conservation and emissions reduction, urgency and difficulty, expounds the advanced control technology in the promoting role of saving energy and reducing consumption. Era technology development co., LTD. Beijing love club"s chief expert Mr Cai Maolin titled "the overall energy-saving solutions for air compressor system" report. Cai Maolin, points out Mr Current compressed air system energy saving work of manufacturing enterprises in our country is in a state of unravelling, China consumes on air compressor machine power consumption up to 300 billion degrees, there is about 30% of the energy saving potential, has yet to be further development of industrial enterprises. Air compressor system energy utilization situation is not optimistic, although the air compressor equipment, supply and demand matching rate is low, but there is a widespread gas in the gas enterprise cost consciousness weak, terminal equipment, gas is more unreasonable, lack of the PaoMaoDiLou phenomenon common, measurement, etc.
Mr Cai Maolin proposed overall solution of energy saving of air compressor system "four modernizations" : systematic, information-based, the steps and specialization. He points out: customise according to the characteristics of factory production equipment produced by the energy saving benefits far outweigh the benefits of universal energy saving equipment import. Industrial enterprises should be personalized transformation, needs from the whole production line, the whole process and whole plant energy scheduling system to analysis the rationality of the current situation of energy consumption; Improve energy measurement hardware facilities and management measures, improve the level of production management informationization; To mobilize the employees" participation, a sound system of continuous improvement activities; Companies invited experts and scholars to teach professional knowledge, and entrust a specialized company engaged in contract energy management and other business.
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