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        Ingersoll Rand is one of the earliest enterprises to enter China after the policy of reform and opening up foreign-funded and is the first introduction of the screw machine technology of foreign-funded enterprises in China, which in one fell swoop established its leading position in the compressor industry. Since 1922 has been doing business in China, Ingersoll Rand has always been committed to working with Chinese suppliers, manufacturers and customers to establish long term partnerships and through direct investment, introduction of new products and new technologies, etc., continues to expand its China's economic activities in the depth and breadth ,and made a significant contribution of China's industrial and economic development.
        Our products are closely related to daily lives. In the supermarket, you can buy not only the bottled soda water which is produced by application of Ingersoll Rand air compressor , and the fresh food stored in freezer Hussmann automatic temperature control by installing Thermo King transport refrigeration units for refrigerated trucks, but also enjoy the comfort of the environment Trane bring you; at the airport, our Bocom integrated system protected Capital Airport T3 Terminal's operational safety. The catering truck installing the Thermo King refrigeration unit and the airport Catering cold storage constructed by Ingersoll-Rand Industrial Refrigeration will work together to bring you fresh food; in hospitals, Ingersoll Rand low temperature medical storehouse ensures the quality and safety of all the temperature-sensitive drugs, and the truck installed a Thermo King refrigeration unit makes the quality of the vaccine more safety; in the hotel and catering establishments, Ingersoll-Rand cold chain solutions ensure the food safety and fresh on your table;and Schlage mechanical locks, electronic locks will provide you with a full range of security protection. Ingersoll Rand provide China's major industries and businesses with a variety of products, services and solutions. In addition, our Trane products and compressed air systems are honored to station in the World Expo Performing Arts Center Pavilion, and many countries and Themes Pavilion, building blocks for the creation of green Expo; and Thermo King transport temperature control solutions, has come to the fore, escort the transport of food for the Expo.
       Ingersoll-Rand has an investment company, three trading companies, 12 manufacturers and 36 branches in China.Total investment in China reached 412 million, owns nearly 6,400 employees. Ingersoll-Rand and its employees whole-heartedly and actively committed to providing Chinese customers with a variety of products and services, and to do their utmost to make a sustained contribution to China's economic growth.
        In China,we based on the vision of Ingersoll Rand global development, understand in-depth and fully meet the ever-changing consumer demand of local market, grasp comprehensively the business opportunities bursting out of the process of China's further reform and opening up and globalization and strive to make ChinaIngersoll Rand business would become a core component of global business.
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